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Related article: Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 00:28:01 -0400
Subject: Exploring my Homosexuality #2The Reunion
(The Sequel to Exploring My free ls lolita galleries
Homosexuality) Lets see here... I think i will tell you a little bit before I get to
the reunion part of this story. After Scout Camp I had never had anything
too serious till the reunion, But I will give you a brief run down. Hope I
don't bore you too much. 6th grade, The middle school (Grades 6-8) I was in
was a closed campus, cause there were no stores and wooded area on 3 sides
of us. We had to seek out of school must the time we just ran around and
did kid stuff. But one day i was with a friend we were fooling around (no
not that YET) in the woods, Can't remember just what was said but for some
reason he said Well Suck my Dick. So I said ok. So we went a little in to the woods and he asked if I
would really do it I said of course i will. So he pulled down his pants,
and i took his wonderful member in to my mouth and suck and sucked and
sucked. No cum both a little on the not doing this type of thing much. But
it was still fun. Then he did the same for me. We put a little shelter type
of thing up, And went out most days for lunch and this type of thing and more. Ok that was my only year at that school. Went to new school and became
very good friends with one kid. went over to his house he to my lots of
sleep overs. Did the normal well you know what i mean a grab here and
there. I would pants him a lot you know pull them down. One day i decided
to pants him and hop on top of him he objected at first, but i said well
pants me too and he did but then he just sat there so i said ok pin me like
i did to you. He did then it was my turn we fooled around like this for
some time each time i would move back a little more and get my ass closer
to his Penis. Finely one day i got him naked and i was naked i sat down in a chair a
then pulled him top of me i then started to jack him off. It did not take
long for him to go off, I had to take care my own he was not quite ready
for that much yet he tried but just did not have the nack of it. But I
thought i scared him off but that night he called and invited me out water
skiing the next day. We played around in the car as much as we lolitas 12 year pussy could with his dad in the car
on the way to the lake. We went to their camp to change while his dad got
the boat ready. We went in to the bathroom and i got him undressed and he
did the same for me. He had to take a piss and i came up behind him and
took his penis in hand as he started to pee. young lolita photo russian
Wow it was fun. Well we did a
little jacking a little sucking and so on got dressed and went to the
lake. Wait no how could I forget he sat down in the living room of the
camp. I took his dick in my mouth and started to suck him off. He soon shot
his boy juice down my throat till this day that was the best load i have
ever tasted.(And I love That wonderful juice). Opps sorry got a little more
story here then i meant too oh well on to the reunion. Well I rejoined the Scouts as a adult leader. It was soon time for
scout camp. We were both very excited for this we had planed for some extra
covering for the tent. So people could not just walk in. Plus it helped
keep out the bugs, You Fellow boy scouts well know what i mean. Them damn
wall tents. We were both so horny as soon as the kids and other adult went
for the camp tour we both took off our wears and got down to some good
stuff. He took my shaft deep into he mouth and wow it was just so good to
have the first person too do this be doing it again. I mean we had done
stuff back home before we came here but being in the same camp and all, Was
Just great. First night. We decided to do thing as we did the first time some years
ago. We played some cards for a bit then, Did like we did last time cutting
the cards. Again I won but this time I said I had one. But I said my wish
if for him to Fuck my ass as he did last time but this time I wanted him to
really do it so he got some lube lube up my hole then i got his pole. I
lied on my back put my legs in the air. he slowly started to enter my some
what virgin ass I had Tom's dick in it that is the second boy from above
but it was in and out so that is why i say somewhat virgin. If hurt a bit
but was still very fun. He sped up a little more and finely let his load go
up my ass how hot and wet it felt. Now my turn. We got lube custom gothic lolita corsets up and I did to
home as he did to me it was not long till i shot him full of my juice. I was going to write more lolita teen sex models but i have a hard time writing thing down so
they make sense . But the rest of the week was much of the same. After camp i stayed in scouts till 1999. the only reason i left was
cause i met the man of my dreams. I figured that with a person that i was
around all the time was a little to much for them to Handel and did not
want to hide it any more.
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